BrandsRelationshipsSaved & SingleSingle4 Ways to Keep Loneliness From Cuffin’ You

Alycia Cox 7 months ago
The temperature outside has dropped. Indoor activities are in full effect. Warm and cozy blankets have been removed from our closets.  It’s cuffing season! Everyone is looking for someone to tie down and spend the cooler months with indoors. This is the time that we often get to visit with family and old friends, and the age-old question, “Are you still single?” resurfaces. This question is coupled with the opportunity to scrutinize our lack of...

BrandsFeaturedMarriageMarried & YoungRelationshipsThe Most Underused Tool in the Marriage Toolbox

Darren Wilson 12 months ago
If we were to view marriage as a house or something to be built, then it stands to reason that, at times, repairs will have to be made…which require the use of tools. In this article, I want to present to you one tool in the marriage building toolbox that I believe is extremely important but seldom is used. In 2015, I did a book launch for my first book “Got Fruit.” That launch was...

BrandsFeaturedGodly Manhood 101Godly Womanhood 101LifestylePersonal DevelopmentThe Hard Truth About Being Whole

LaChandra Cook 12 months ago
The journey to wholeness is not for the faint of heart! Just as the great poet Langston Hughes penned, let me tell you, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair…” BUT, I never would’ve gone as far to say it had all those issues of tacks, splinters, and such going on. I knew my life wasn’t perfect or easy, but in my eyes, it was far from being labeled “hard knock.” Needless to say,...

BrandsChurchGodGodly Manhood 101Godly Womanhood 101Transaction Denied: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Brandon Woodruff 12 months ago
WARNING…words of brutal honesty will follow this disclaimer. If you’re one of those people that refuses to confront the difficulties of choosing a life of faith in Jesus, this article probably isn’t for you.  If you’re someone who believes that choosing the life of a Christian is all John 10:10 abundance, without confusion and hard pressing strikes mentioned in 2 Corinthians chapter 4…brace yourself, please, because the truth is…challenges are coming. BUT… That isn’t the...

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