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Alycia is a freelance writer and educator who works with teens to cultivate a positive self-image and thirst for knowledge. She is feverishly penning her first novel and launching a blog, "The Joy Within Us," to motivate and inspire women to seek the joy and love of Christ. She resides in Tampa, FL with her daughter, Amariah Joy. Read more from Alycia at, and follow her on IG: @joywithinus

The temperature outside has dropped. Indoor activities are in full effect. Warm and cozy blankets have been removed from our closets.  It’s cuffing season! Everyone is looking for someone to tie down and spend the cooler months with indoors. This is the time that we often get to visit with family and old friends, and the age-old question, “Are you still single?” resurfaces. This question is coupled with the opportunity to scrutinize our lack of...

Have you seen that viral video going around on social media in which a woman is walking in heels — maybe too tall or too cheap — and she ends up looking like a baby fawn fresh out of the womb? You watch as she attempts to stay upright and perfect her catwalk, but it is inevitable that she will eventually plummet to the ground, and then cover her face in shame.   We see...

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