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Aria Bias is a servant leader who resides in Washington, D.C., and has a passion for God and God’s people. Her greatest desire is to help others to see who God has called them to be more clearly and to help them identify their purpose through practical applications founded on biblical principles. She is at her best when she is loving on God’s people, sharing an inspirational word of encouragement, and using life experiences to reflect God’s glory. Some of Aria’s favorite things include nature trails, travel, concerts, and italian food! Follow her on Instagram @gracefully_becoming

It’s over. Two words you never want to hear or say to the person you love most. Let’s face it: Relationships are hard work, and sometimes, despite our best efforts, they just don’t work out. Cue the nights filled with tear-soaked pillowcases, sleepless nights, swollen eyes, and huge waves of emotion that feel like they are going to swallow you whole. We’ve been there (trust us!). Your “well spring of life” has sprung a leak and...

Timelines. They take many forms and we all have them: career, fitness goals, and even ones for relationships. Have you ever wondered why waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right feels like forever, even though you are “doing everything right”? If you’re like some of us, you’ve probably thought once or twice, “I should be married with kids and own a house by now. Things just aren’t going according to plan.” It’s easy to get frustrated...

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