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For her…a tall caramel Frappuccino with soy milk; for myself, a venti caramel macchiato. These were the Starbucks orders of my then-girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I. I thought I knew exactly what she would order there. Fast forward a few years…her order now involves almond milk, caramel drizzles, and some other quirky thingswhile mine has changed to Grande cold-brew based drinks. I joke with her as I tell her that I feel...


Now, to clarify: This is not a candid review of the novel with the same title by Charles Dickens. Instead, I would like to share some insight regarding relationships and some of the expectations that come along in them. My wife and I have known each other for almost six years now. Within that vast timeframe, we have not been short of situations or occasions where we had planned for one thing expecting a certain...