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From the islands of Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean, Kristle Gangadeen is a communications specialist, part-time blogger and full-time dreamer with a chronic case of wanderlust. She enjoys going on new travel adventures and calls herself an “adventure-loving scaredy cat” that’s willing to try (almost) anything once. Kris loves a good murder/mystery novel and considers herself a half-decent armchair detective. Sometimes prone to learning things the hard way, Kris holds on to the promise that He who began a good work in her will be faithful to complete it. She’s focused on purpose and building a godly legacy. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @kristleblog

Dinner? Check. Movie? Been there. Dinner AND a movie? Done that. Netflix & Chill? Ummm … Does this list mirror your last few dates? C’mon guys … not that anything is wrong with dinner and a movie, but after you’ve done these a few zillion times, don’t you wish there were other activities you and bae could enjoy together? Now I might be projecting here, but I’m willing to bet that she would love to be surprised...

While in your season of singleness, you will often hear married people tell you to embrace and enjoy the moments within our journey … … as they embrace and enjoy their spouses (*side eye*). We may feel at times like they have forgotten the challenges of singledom. … But what if these married folks have a point? We can choose to treat our single season as a shoulder season while we not-so-patiently wait for the main...

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