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Laura Gethers is a woman of God who desires to bring Him glory through her many roles as a wife, homeschooling mother of two, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author. Gethers has a heart for marriage and families, specifically strengthening the family unit by providing support to married couples. Gethers is the visionary and coach behind Love Harder Marriage Coaching, LLC. Gethers' main goal is to encourage married couples to have fun with the process of improving their marriage interactively, so she created a marriage obstacle course. Gethers wrote and self published her very first book titled “Your Marriage Is Worth Fighting For.” Gethers' book is a 30-day devotional, encouraging couples to use love and prayer as their weaponry when fighting for their marriage. You can find more information by visiting or following her on Instagram @lovehardermarriagecoaching

When thinking of the process of becoming one, there are few strong voices that share the tough realities of merging two lives. Along the journey of becoming one, marriage is only our starting point … not the finish line. You and your spouse will not all of sudden begin to agree on everything, complete each other’s sentences, or color coordinate outfits the second you say “I do.” The plain truth is … the process of...

We all face conflict — married or not. It’s part of being human, but conflict in marriage is one of a particular kind …Here’s how to knock out the issues (instead of your spouse). Since conflict in marriage is inevitable (and, a good thing, if it’s healthy!), you must properly prepare for it. No, you can not determine the day, time, or issue that will arise, but you can determine how you will handle it...

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