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Monika Baker is a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. She has a God-given passion for songwriting, music, poetry, books, and all forms of creative writing. She desires to inspire others to hold onto faith through our many life experiences. Monika has been married for eight years to her best friend. She is a mom of two littles, Wyatt Kingsley and Evalyn Faith! Monika likes to spend her time, writing, eating Mexican food, and drinking coffee (of course)! Follow her on Instagram @monikalaray

Hear us out; though we aren’t all marriage or relational experts, we do know quite a bit about them. Our team started out as “Married & Young,” if that’s any indication! Our marriages have their fair share of bliss and hardships, mountaintops and valleys, just like any other.  However, we can say with experience, better marriages —  the marriages you look at and say “wow, they really love each other” — do not happen by chance....

Sitting here typing away on the tattered keys of my slowly dying Macbook, I am — again — reminded never to despise small beginnings … I have found the hardest part about any dream is picking up the pen (literal or figurative) and putting it to paper. It’s like sculpting out of dust, while in those moments which may feel like a continual series of wasted efforts. It’s so much easier to sit back and...

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