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Nicole Rae is a wife and a mother before anything else. She and her husband are the proud parents of two beautiful princesses. She is the founder of Nicole Rae Ministries, which seeks to equip God’s people with spiritual encouragement and professional development. Her belief is that ministry goes beyond the four walls of the church and beyond building the spiritual man. Through her programs she is able to help others clarify their vision and achieve their goals. Host of the radio show, Love Beyond the Walls, she is helping men and women across the world break down spiritual, mental, emotional and physical walls. As a dynamic speaker, coach and prayer warrior, Nicole has a growing network of men and women that are being touched by her ministry. Her life journey has led her down a path of peaks and valleys in which she learned lessons that she has poured into "Married before Marriage." Chosen by God to deliver this message of love, Nicole is humbled by the opportunity to reveal God’s true design for singleness leading to marriage. The transparency of her journey displayed in this book will surely encourage you to overcome any obstacle thrown your way. Follow her on IG @MsNicoleRae or @LoveBeyondTheWallsRadio

My first time hearing the iconic song was during an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Uncle Phil and Will were arguing about why Ashley was out in the streets until Ashley takes the stage and breaks out in song. I remember thinking, what is respect and why is it important? How do I give it and how do I get it? Webster’s Dictionary defines it this way: “respect is a feeling of deep...

Backtrack a few years: I’m hanging with my boyfriend (who is now my husband) watching the movie “Two Can Play That Game” and he blurts out, “women may know how to commit but men love better!” Immediately the sista-girl in me rose up and in my head I said, “Oh NO he didn’t just say that. I hope he doesn’t really believe that.” Outwardly my face said it all, as I stared at him with a...

Whether single or married, we’ve all been hurt … Hurt by friends, family, those we have dated or are currently dating, or even a spouse. When this happens, how we handle our feelings and emotions is critical. We all have read 1 Corinthians 13 and learned all about God’s definition of love, but sometimes it isn’t always easy to do those things. When the one we love cheats on us, lies, says or does something...

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