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Priscilla Sart is an artist with a purpose. She is also a chemistry graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University, and has been in love with writing since elementary school. Alongside writing, she has a passion for teaching, acting, singing, and fitness modeling, and has performed in related showcases. Her utmost desire is using her gifts in making Jesus known. Priscilla is originally from Delta, Nigeria. Follow her on Instagram @priscasart and read more at

“I want your will, Lord!” How many times have we said that? Sometimes we think we are sure that we want God’s will to be done … … until we find ourselves trying to help him along the way. Sometimes we think we want God’s will. But, let us be honest here, what if God’s will is not what we want? We ask that His will be done in this season. What if His will is...

How many times have you thought about having an accountability partner but never actually pursued it? We feel you. Maybe it’s because we dread the thought of it? We wonder, “what will people think of me?” Perhaps, for some of us, it’s just because we don’t seem to have Christian friends with whom we can share life and be vulnerable? Or, maybe we don’t want the people we know to look down on us? If...

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