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Raynisia Nagel’s friends call her Ray, Nisia, or Ray-Ray … pretty much any combination of her name you can think of. She’s a single mama with a two-year-old son, Kurt. She’s passionate about motivating and encouraging others in their walk with Jesus, no matter what season of life they’re in. This passion to inspire others led her to start a blog that touches on topics such as divorce, co-parenting, and singleness. Read more of her work at myuglybeautifultruth.com.

“Most people don’t wait long enough on me.” –God Wow! How accurate is that sentence? We’ll admit it; A lot of us here are impatient. We hate long lines, we dread traffic, we get frustrated when God says “no,” but we really feel pained when he says “not yet!” For some reason, hearing “not yet” hurts more than hearing “no.” We think it’s because, when God says “not yet,” we know the good thing is coming,...


Divorce … the dreaded word that has somehow become reality for some of us, causing our entire world to be turned upside down.   For divorcees, not only have we lost the person we thought we’d spend the rest of our days with, but we have also lost a huge part of our own identity.  We don’t even know who we are without that person anymore. Divorce is only one word, but it leaves many...

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