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People spend their entire life trying to answer two very important questions: who am I, and why am I here? Well for starters, I am Rob “B.F.r.e.e.” Badgett. My name is an acronym for Be Filled Revived Empowered Every day. I am an artist, author, and speaker. I believe that God placed me here to create content that provokes change and empowers my audience to optimize every opportunity. By doing this, they are able to push past personal barriers and offsets in order to arrive at the quality of life they desire and deserve. My work provides knowledge and wisdom on how to access truth that revives, empowers, and frees the heart, mind, soul, and spirit! God has given me a gift to write, create, and speak. These gifts have afforded me the opportunity to write albums, curriculums, and my first book “His Love Letters For Her." My ability to speak and perform has led to many stages and platforms in the U.S. I believe that people are the world’s greatest asset and each day, we are given an opportunity to share love and serve others. When I’m not out attempting to change the world I’m at home serving as a dad to three beautiful children.

I spent that New Year in Toronto, Canada. We drove up with the young adult ministry from my church. It took about 18 hours for us to arrive at the Heavy Reign Conference. This was my first time leaving the country. I was both excited and anxious. I did not know what to expect, but I heard that some of the top speakers in the healing and prophetic culture were slated to speak that weekend....