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Takhia Gaither Stuckey is a married mom of three, teacher, curriculum writer, professional developer, and blogger. She is also a graduate student pursuing a doctorate in psychology. She loves the Lord and studying God’s Word as well as encouraging and uplifting others. Takhia enjoys writing, reading, and sharing all that she learns with others. Follow her at takhiatheteachher.com or IG: @takhiatheteacher

Being a newlywed is an awesome feeling! It’s fresh, new, exciting and overflowing with love. There is an expectation of hope, optimism of change for the better, and the joy of children … … who were at the wedding cheering you on! Newlywed dreams take a completely different turn when you or your spouse have children from previous relationships or have shared children all before that beautiful trip down the aisle. In today’s society, it...


Have you ever been feeling down and unsure of the cause? Does something on the inside not feel right? On the surface, everything seems to be fine, but underneath, you have no peace? Daily we see or hear news of someone who unknowingly, or sometimes outwardly, has been living in a state of depression, succumb to illness. However, as believers, even when depression is at its heaviest, we never have to feel that we are...


There is saying floating around on social media sites that says something to the effect of, “The words ‘fear not’ appear 365 times in the Bible, so live every day without fear!” And while you should live every day without fear, this statement is is completely false, and not at all biblical! We were both excited and curious as to the validity software this message, so we decided to take a deep dive into Scripture....

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