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Booker T. Washington said, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” Giving, and specifically, tithing, is very fundamental to the Christian faith. Many Christians want to know, what is a tithe and how much they should exactly be giving? Well, let’s talk about it! First, let’s define what a tithe actually is. Tithing in the Bible is the first 10% of your income and is supposed to represent the first...


In general, people spend more time at work than any other activity. The same holds true for Christians. We want our entire lives to please God and the portion we spend at our “9 to 5” is not exempt. God never intended any portion of our lives to be lived apart from Him. We are ambassadors for Christ every day — including during our workday. We stand in agreement with the Apostle Paul, who declares in...


One of the core values of a healthy marriage should include healthy finances. Even more importantly, although the marital bed should be kept warm and undefiled, it can indeed become cold, unsafe and distant — the space between spouses during times of financial unrest can feel like a deep, dark, bleak abyss. Of course, the coolness of the mattress can happen for several reasons, but studies have shown that increasing distance between spouses is often...

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