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Fellas, this one is for you – lets talk as if we were at Starbucks! Ladies, you may want to listen up as well because I believe the focus of men will rise to a higher standard after reading this article and becoming aware of what will be shared. Also, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts after you read this… Leave a comment! “As a man, you have the responsibility to go find your wife!...

Fellas, this one is for you – lets talk as if we were at Starbucks! Ladies, you may want to listen up as well because I believe the focus of men will rise to a higher standard after reading this article and becoming aware of what will be shared. Also, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts after you read this… Leave a comment!

“As a man, you have the responsibility to go find your wife! You must go searching for her if you’re going to find her…” says people.

As it pertains to going on a journey to search for our future wife, it has been said that we are the “hunters”. I agree with the concept, to a certain extent. Let me explain.

When you think about a hunter, you normally think of two things: a human being that has been trained to hunt animals (prey); or an animal that has been trained for the same reason, to hunt other animals (prey). So the end result is, something has been hunted for the pleasure of the hunter.

I’ve heard many grown men when I was younger, even to this day, talk about how much they used to “chase females”. I never was too fond of that terminology. Without the attempts to make this “deep”, I’m sure your future wife wouldn’t want to be known as a person that was chased, or hunted for—a “prey”. This is why I shy away from the word “hunter”. However, I do understand the concept. “Hunters” need keen eyes, wisdom, and strategy. When pursuing a potential wife, you need these three things.


“…“O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see.” So the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw…”—2 Kings 6:17

Obviously, this isn’t in the context of a future spouse, but I believe the principle stands. As the man, you need keen eyes to see if this is, not only “a” potential wife, but “your” potential wife. You need to be able to “see” a future with whom you’re physically attracted to. Bro, based on what you’re called to do in life (seeing that you have at least an idea), you need keen eyes to see if she is compatible to your destiny. The last thing you want is to marry someone because of how beautiful they looked, how nice they treated you, and how good she made you look with her being on your arm, but when it came time for you to fulfill destiny, she seemed uninterested. Her being beautiful (whatever beautiful looks like to you) and her acting nice are things to seriously consider, but you should’t merely make your decision based off those things. The whole point of a wife goes much beyond a pretty face and a pretty body, but how can she help you in destiny? The wife is to be your helpmeet.


“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”—Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

The key to making this Scripture a fulfillment in your life is Proverbs 3:5: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

When you seek God for wisdom, He gives it freely (James 1:5). This particular passage of Scripture in James isn’t talking about spiritual wisdom, though we need that without a doubt; this is talking about practical, day-to-day life wisdom. When God allows you to “see” who your future wife, when pursuing her, you need the Spirit of God to lead and to guide you in all truth—for He is the Spirit of Wisdom and when you ask, He gives it liberally and unbraideth us not.


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”—Philippians 4:6

If your aim and goal is to become the husband to the one you see a future with, you’ll need strategy. A strategy is “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim”. Our strategy, as believers, is what Philippians 4:6 hints to us. We can’t be anxious about anything; including finding your future spouse. Our strategy is worship and petitions to God in Jesus’ name. But we also need natural strategies. You can’t pray all day and expect a perfect relationship.

You need accountability systems in place. You need boundaries in place. It is strongly suggested to have premarital counseling. You need to know how to take her on dates without the flesh taking over. All of this is strategy. You need keen eyes, wisdom, and strategy when pursuing your future wife.

Now, here is where we get to the crux of this article, “Why I Won’t Go “Hunting” For A Girl”. This is where I stand: there is a difference between chasing a girl and finding a wife. The world says “go find”. The Bible says “work and she’ll appear”. I know, I know! That’s totally contrary to what you’ve been taught. Me too. But could that be why you haven’t “found” her yet?

Let’s think for a minute. When Adam found Eve, he wasn’t pursuing her. He was content with working in his purpose and out of no where, Eve literally appeared to him. The Bible said the Lord God “brought her unto the man”. Let’s do some work.

If you find yourself chasing someone who is showing no interest in you, stop chasing her; or you’ll be wasting your time. Some get “lucky” with this method. Some don’t. Me? I’m not chancing it anymore. Here’s why…

Proverbs 18:22 says “he that findeth a wife…”

If you do some research, that word findeth is “matsa” in Hebrew, which means “to appear”. Adam was tending the garden (his place of purpose), doing what he was called to do. God caused a deep sleep fall upon Adam and made Eve to ‘appear’ to Adam. Then Adam identified and named her. What’s the principle? Men, you need to have an idea of purpose and/or need to be working in purpose. The wife is to be a helpmeet. The wife is not a sex object to fulfill your manly needs. The truth is, you don’t need a wife if you aren’t focused on your purpose. How will you know what type of wife is needed for your journey? If you aren’t working in your purpose or at least have an idea of it, what will she be helping you with? What will she be incubating beside a natural seed? I’ll wait…

I believe as you work your purpose, your wife will—sooner or later, in God’s kairos timing—appear before you. Hear me prophetically. Keep your eyes open? Yes. But stop talking to every single female you see that looks like a potential. Befriend? Sure. Jump into a relationship? Absolutely not. Men, we are not dogs hunting for other female dogs. We are men of God who should be focused on destiny.

Hear this prophetic wisdom: as you’re focused on purpose and destiny, I believe she will “matsa” (appear)!

Alright, lets talk. Did this help you?


La`Quanta Williams

La`Quanta Pierre Williams is a young man who just simply loves God. He has a strong zeal to see the revelation of Jesus Christ revealed in a practical way to all who will hear. La`Quanta has laid down his life, and have dedicated his life to seeking and advancing the Kingdom of God [Matthew 6:33] through servanthood. Its his desire to serve the King and His Kingdom by serving others. Follow him on his social media accounts linked below to follow his story.

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